Friday, July 19, 2013

Whatcha know about strawberries?

Goooood morning love bugs!

This morning I was looking in the mirror and just about had a conniption! All of those years of long nights in the library along side of my best friend coffee had done some serious damage to my teeth! EEK! I didn't realize how slowly I had been staining my teeth, until it was too late - post graduation! 

So, it began, time to search out a budget friendly method to my newest beauty battle! I knew automatically a professional whitening trip to the dentist was out of the budget. I turned to my friends first to see the products they may use! Similar to the cellulite seaweed wrap recommendations - the alternative was a bit too pricey. I just don't have the funds to pay $89 for a spa UV light treatment. Swing and a miss! 

It was time to consult my online buddies...I turned to my fellow economical bloggers for alternative treatments for less, in-which I learned that Crest made the most fabulous whitening strips on the market! The downfall? The product leaves your gums sensitive, which was not an option for me being the foodie that I am (I'm curvy for a reason)!

It was time to dig a little deeper into the blogosphere. Alias! I found the most wonderful recipe which I can already see a result from in just one use! The best part? It's all natural and AFFORDABLE! Yes, my favorite word. The recipe is used by the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones herself and removes the stains (including coffee) and discoloration from your teeth.

Similar to the cellulite answer, we have to start with paying a visit to our kitchen...

Delicious strawberry photo from foodnetwork blog
Mix together:

One crushed ripe strawberry
1/2 teaspoon baking soda


With a toothbrush and leave mixture on for five minutes, remove with regular toothpaste.

I am going to repeat this once a week when I apply my cellulite scrub for a regular weekly beauty routine. Welcome back my pearly whites! 


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  1. I love this idea. The white strips make me break out, so this is perfect!