Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pass the pita chips!

After a long weekend of pasta salad, grilled chicken and few hundred pieces of tomato and mozzarella at my parents house - I decided it was time to start investing in my own summer recipes! Hmmm...Pinterest anyone? 
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Being a girl with a larger pant size, I can appreciate the need to watch those evil little calories! That being said - if you're about to take a gander at the guacamole recipe to your right and wonder about the glorious nutritional facts, pump the brakes! Avocado is your friend. A friend with many fat grams, however, 'good' fat grams. Alright, continue on and look... 

Stir up the concoction and just sit back, relax and enjoy your freshly mixed & scrumptious guac with flatbread pita chips and/or crunchy tortillas. 

Oh and just a quick sidebar...I enjoy mine with a glass of Moscato or three!  


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