Monday, July 8, 2013

Pinching Piggies

Well hello there beautiful!

I am just greatly enjoying this G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S weather this summer has finally brought us! The temp inspires me to have a moment of honesty about one of my favorite summer beauty practices. Pedicures!  I simply love the warm water in the midst of those magical crystals...but do I really need that pedicure to bring out my inner Goddess? I visit an average priced nail salon on the corner of my block - and even at the LOWEST option for a pedicure (such a budget babe) I can’t seem to score a pedicure for under $30. Yikes!

This called for a case study...

The main nail polishes used in my nail salon were China Glaze, Essie & OPI (each can easily be purchased from any Amazon retailer for under $2-$3), the main tools used were a run of the mill nail file, nail polish remover, a handful of cotton balls, pumice sponge, cuticle trimmer, oh and those magical crystal salts. With a quick trip to my local (dare I say) Wal-Mart I noticed I could obtain all items for well UNDER $20. 

Nautical nail polish image borrowed from

The verdict? 

Save the pedicure for a day you need a little pick me up - and spend some QT with your own piggies. Keep that $30 + tip for something more tangible and practical - like a new pair of pumps (ok ok, maybe not practical).


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