Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Part II: "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

Hi lovies!

I was back at it again today, in the hunt for my new kitchen items! I was able to come across more spectacular resources I want to share with you this morning!! 


My EXACT set - image compliments of
If you've watched the Lifetime movie about the Craigslist killer, relax. Craigslist can be a great place to purchase (and sell) just about anything. I was able to sell a few of my replaced and non-used kitchen items. With these funds I was able to obtain my new Rachel Ray (if you visit this site, please note the sticker price) cookware set I scored off craigslist for $12!! The set had never been used - it was just sitting in a closet, waiting for me to come pick it up and whip up a yummy dinner! 

Salvation Army

This will be my second shout out to the Salvation Army in this blog! I simply can't say it enough, I just LOVE this place! Yes, you have to dig - sometimes even get down right dirty, but I promise you it's worth it.

There are many colleges and universities in my area, with young adults from more affluent families. Often, when the students have completed studying and are set to move (or travel) the families simply donate their previous apartment goodies. You would not BELIEVE how nice some of these things are. I SCORED a nice microwave oven (stainless steel) for just $5! Bonus! 

Well my friends. Those are the fabulous items I scored this week to transition my apartment from college living to a young professional fortress. Find what works for you! 


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  1. Microwave oven with just 5 bucks?!!! My God!!! That's so greay! A new one it's about 57$ (at least!)... My old microwave oven has died recently and I'm still searching a new one. It's just that I have to deal with the priority stuff and then (maybe!) I'll get a new one. Lucky you!