Monday, June 3, 2013

Can we go thrift shopping?

It's Friday and fashion time! 

Today, I would like to introduce to you all my love for thrift shopping! There is no better feeling than turning a SUPPOSEDLY boring place of fashion into something with character and unique charm! If you haven’t already discovered the enchanting world of thrift shopping (no relation to Macklemore), I highly recommend you take a look, especially if you live in a Metropolitan city! I’ve purchased many pieces with tags still intact. Many organizations are opening up thrift shops to help support their nonprofit, including the Salvation Army. Don’t forget to donate the clothing you no longer love! Rack up those good karma points!

Brag time...

Last week while perusing the streets of New York I found the most adorable thrift store, hidden between a coffee shop and a dry cleaner. BAM! I scored a vintage Prada bag for $12. Took gentle soap to the outside, dabbed on a touch of leather conditioner, and it was like new! 

Philanthropy never felt so good. 

Remember you CAN obtain quality fashion on a modest budget! Continue to do your research (and blogging) and be open to new ways to’s all in a days work of being fabulous!


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